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"Taking a child, He set him them,
and taking him in His arms, He
said to them, Whoever receives
one child like this in My name
receives Me; and whoever receives
Me does not receive Me, but Him
who sent me." Mark 9:36 & 37 NAS

As society reaches new heights of economical sophistication and material complexity, the needs of Christian ministries are multiplying and increasing right along with everything else. Provisions that have been adequate for decades are no longer sufficient and donations that once covered past needs are no longer enough.

Despite this unsteady financial environment, most American churches and Christian families enjoy a lifestyle of plenty. Abundant food, shelter, necessities of life, education and security remain readily available. How wonderful the blessings God has bestowed upon us!

In Reynosa, a large Mexican city across from McAllen, Texas, stands an orphanage who Christian foundation and aspirations give a Godly witness in the midst of poverty and paganism. Founded in 1988 by Calvary Commission (an internationally renowned missionary organization) and a Memorial Fund donated by the late Christian musician and writer Keith Green, and his children, the Josiah and Bethany Children's Home is a refuge for its underprivileged and poverty stricken occupants.

Around forty children, all with families unable to provide for them, live in the brick confines of this sanctuary some having come to the orphanage at an age too young to remember life anywhere else. These non-adoptive youngsters are being raised in a devout Christian environment by 6 full and part time workers, all people of God who are sacrificing financial livelihood for the greater blessing of accomplishing His will. In the past, the main income for this tiny haven has come from visiting missionary teams staying overnight in the dormitories, but with growing economic needs and new government mandates, that source of revenue is no longer sufficient to sustain this very special place of safety.

Now through His gracious mercy and love, God is creating an opportunity that will allow others to share in the loving outreach of the Josiah and Bethany Children's Home.

Sponsorship programs for underprivileged children is not a new concept, yet it is one that works exceptionally well when it assists Christian supporting Christians. At the foundation of the Embrace a Child program being initiated for Josiah and Bethany is the need and request for prayerful commitment to an individual child; the chance for personal communication and interaction with that young person; and a flexible means of providing the financial assistance necessary.

A pledge of $20.00 a month helps provide for the physical needs of the child chosen; additional opportunities will arise to send birthday and Christmas presents, and receive personal communication. And as the great privilege and power of prayer entwine giver and receiver miracles are bound to occur.

All financial contributions will be coordinated and distributed by Calvary Commission, meaning 100% of the donation will reach the orphanage ensuring an immediately better life for some very special kids.

Pray diligently for this program to succeed, and then see if God doesn't have a child for you to receive. It will change lives. Beginning with yours.

In His name,

Julio & Luz Garcia
Children's Home Directors

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